fredag 29 juni 2012

Gdansk next!

Hello, dear blog readers. What's new?
Well... I came back from Athens on wednesday, but it's still stuck inside in my head. And I really miss it. Ah, Greece... the trouble you're in.

I had a great time, interviewed people, accidentally ran into the new president, met wonderful athenians, experienced a lot of heat and poverty. Exept for a pile of new comic material, I also have a tan. Yeah, you heard me, a tan.
There will be photos soon, but only crappy mobile photos, since my camera was stolen at the airport in Frankurt -.- I wouldn't be me if I didn't do something stupid and completely ridicilous every now and then - and this time it was to forget my bag in the bathroom. If the person who took it would have just left the memory card behind I wouldn't even care about the camera - I just want all the pictures I took! But maybe it was all for the best. That unknown man or woman saved you all from touristy photos of Athenian graffiti, stupid looking animals and me in a bikini. Be greatful.

It's depressing and cold to be back in Sweden, but I'm okey with that. Because I'm leaving again in a few hours. Gdansk, here I come!
I have been invited to Baltic Comic Festival in Poland, to hold a lecture about the swedish comic scene, and I'm really excited! I've never been to Poland, and I'm really curious about what kind of comics they have.

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