lördag 29 december 2012

Min serie i Vårt Malmö

Kolla vad som damp ner genom några tusen brevinkast tidigt igår morse! Tidningen Vårt Malmö med en av mina serier. Grattis Malmö.

Look what came crashing down thousands of mail slots early in the morning yesterday! The free newspaper Vårt Malmö (Our Malmö) with one of my comics in it. Congratulations Malmö.

torsdag 27 december 2012

God jul :)

Kolla på det fina fina julkortet jag fick av Anette och hennes Christoffer. TACK ANETTE! <3 Ååh, det glittrar så mycket! 

Look at this pretty pretty christmas card Anette and her Christoffer sent me. Thank you Anette! <3 Ooh, it sparkles so much and I love it!

Eftersom jag ändå håller på att visa upp konst som jag inte har skapat tänkte jag dela med mig av den här godingen från förra året. Det är en liten teckning Karoline ritade åt mig. Hon är sjukt duktig och rolig, och jag älskar verkligen den här också.

Since I'm already showing off art that's not made by me I thought I'd give you this treasure from last year. It's a little drawing Karoline made for me. She is super talented and funny, and I really love this one too. 

Jag städade mitt skrivbord häromdagen och satte upp min nya fina karta på väggen. Och städade bort en massa annat skit i sovrummet så att jag faktiskt kan jobba där igen. Jag köpte kartan svinbilligt på Lidl (jag hatar egentligen Lidl) och märkte ut var jag har varit i Europa hittills. 
På tal om Europa så drömde jag att jag åkte i en flygbuss och såg en stor skimrande stad på avstånd. Jag frågade en passagerare "Wow! Är det där Sarajevo?", och han svarade "Nej, det är Belgrad". Och jag tänkte, aah okej. Trevligt. :)

I cleared my desk the other day and put up my new pretty map on the wall. And cleaned away all kinds of shit in the bedroom so that I can actually work in here again. I bought the map silly cheap in Lidl (that I normally hate) och marked out where I've been in Europe so far. 

Talking about Europe. I had a dream that I was riding a bus from an airport and I saw a big shimmering city from far away. I asked another passenger "Wow! Is that Sarajevo?", och he answered "No, it's Belgrade." And I was like, aah okey. Nice. :)

onsdag 26 december 2012

Jag och mormor

- scroll down for english -
Det här är den färdiga versionen av teckningen som jag gjorde till min mormor. Jag har ingen koll på hur man scannar blyertsteckningar så kvaliteten är lite kass, men jag är ganska nöjd med originalet. Mormor blev glad i alla fall, och det var ju det som var poägen. Jag hälsade på henne dagen innan jag åkte till Serbien, och när jag var där visade hon mig en massa teckningar som jag ritat åt henne sedan jag var jätteliten. Det var så roligt att titta på dem, och att hon sparat alla gjorde mig så glad. <3
She told me that she was the one who made me that cute sailor dress :)

This is the finished version of the drawing I made for my grandmother. I'm quite clueless on how to scan graphite drawings so the quality sucks a bit, but I'm pretty happy with the original. At least grandma was happy, and that was the point. I went to visit her the day before I went to Serbia and when I was there she showed me a whole collection of drawings that I had made for her even since I was a tiny kid. It was so much fun to see them, and it made me happy that she saved them for all these years. <3

söndag 23 december 2012

Bilder från Serbien

Sun Hostel, on a not so sunny day. Nice place though.

MER SNÖ! And that was not the end of it..

Fanciest hotel room I ever stayed in. It has oil
paintings on the wall. Oil paintings! Come on..

Haha! Silly tired and poofy hair.

I don't remember why I did that.

Some of the boys in uniform.

Police and protestors.

Stevan was translating for me :)

The peoples bank of Jugoslavia proudly presents *drumroll*
...well, count the zeros.

Bini, nice girl and german volunteer, took me and Jovana
to a VEGAN restaurant in Nis. Yes, vegetables. <3

Watch out, little girl!

Astonishing! Haha.


Lovely Jovana

I had some hot wine and a brief encounter with
seemingly nice people.


That's what they were talking about during the protest.

I didn't even know serbs had magic capets lying
around in their fortresses. Probably should have bought
one. They must be better than Wizzair.

Freaky gringos and mexicans.

Worlds sweetest dog and my new best friend.
I'm not even a dog-person!

What do we have here? Another fortress!
And Dunav/Donau/Danube of course. <3

Fancy looking thing.

Pretty house :)

Love this picture. That is part of Novi Sad, and a cool boat.

Mmm, view from the fortress.

I did my best, but Serbia didn't cooperate.

Pretty church, creepy sky.

Modern society puts every child in a straitjacket.
Fantomen och hans samhällskritiska djungelordspråk..


Alltså, jag gjorde en teckning idag. Men det blev så fult när jag försökte fotografera den, så jag försöker igen om en liten stund. Nedan är dagens soundtrack vid ritbordet.

Well, I made a drawing a few hours ago. It looked very ugly when I tried to take a picture of it though, so I'll try photographing it again in a while. This is todays soundtrack: 

torsdag 20 december 2012

When it crumbles

By the way. I heard this song on the radio for the first time yesterday after I came home. I think it puts tiny little cracks in my heart everytime I hear it. Especially at "I know I'd never.." I want to draw that somehow.

onsdag 19 december 2012

Slani štapići!

This is what I had for dinner and dessert yesterday! (Yes, I know that's boring to you, but I just don't care.) 

Like last time I brought home some ajvar and kajmak from Serbia to make a delicious sendvič. x) And some Jelen just for the hell of it. After that I had some really red christmas tea and chocolate with lešnik to cheer me up and cure my post travel-blues. This particular chocolate with the cute seagull makes me happy and I will make it last for sooo long. <3 

Right now I'm supposed to work on my new comic but I'm mostly just sitting here, trying to get used to being at home again, living normal everyday life and all of that. I feel restless, like there is something in my bones trying to run away from me. I have to find some sort of routine now so I don't go crazy. Anyway, that comic I mentioned will hopefully be scetched tomorrow, if I can get the script together tonight. :) It will be about the end of the world, and what comes after.

I was feeling reeeeeally tired before, but we went to a sort of Christmas Swap-thing to get some free clothes or christmas presents. I'm glad that I came along because now I'm two shirts and a fake leather jacket richer. I look pretty damn cool wearing that thing, if you can believe it. 

..eat some slani štapići!
If you feel like this..

To my friends in Serbia

This girl had a blast.

This is my 100th blog entry. With lots of talking and no comics. So if you are not into that I advise you to go and watch VH1 or something and come back again tomorrow for a dose of the usual stuff. :)

On the 8th of december I went back to Serbia, for the second time in my life and this year. I couchsurfed with new and old friends, slept on sofas, beds and a combination of both. I spent nights in the fanciest hotel aswell as the cheapest hostel, and I met so many wonderful people. Since before I came home yesterday I wanted to tell you all about it, but I was too damn tired!

I'm so happy for all the beautiful moments I had these past 11 days. For people staying up late to spend time with me, the parents/friends/classmates I was introduced to, for delicious home cooked mushrooms, being taken care of and spoiled, for the hostel with friendly staff but an uncomfortable bed, for being shown another serbian fortress, for laughing and crying, for feeling safe and constantly entertained. Belgrade was wonderful this time too just a lot snowier, Niš was so much fun, but Novi Sad has a very special place in my heart. (It's like Malmö, but with less falafel and swedes.)

Thank you Radoš you for inviting me back even though I timed my visit in Belgrade very poorly. I'm glad that I got to see you again and catch up, and talk about all the weird things in life, even though you should have been sleeping and preparing for your trip. Rakija and cookies again some time? 
The same thing goes for Zlatan, for spending the snowiest night in Belgrade with me discussing politics and showing me your drawings. It's a shame we couldn't hang out more, but I'm sure there will be a next time. Thank you Anja (and your lovely mother) for taking me in and giving me a place to sleep, a dog to cuddle, serbian childrens songs and most of all your awesome company. Stevan, the best companion one can have for Protest-hunting on a freakishly cold day. I like the way you think and hearing about it while eating chineese food on the bus station is something I will remember. 
Jovana, you are a lovely person and really fun to be around. I wish that I had more time to spend with you in Niš, to laugh and eat creepy looking desserts in trains. I expect you to honor your promise to entertain me with strange popular culture and facts about your country until I return to terrorise Serbia again. 
Thank you Maja for giving me a wider perspective on some of the political issues in Serbia, warming my sick throat with tea and for bringing me to my new favorite bazaar. Thank you Milica too, even though we didn't get to see each other this time because of my poor planning. Thank you to everyone that I had the pleasure to meet, and everyone that sent me messages or in other ways wanted to help me out while I was travelling. 

Travelling makes me feel a bit empty and exhausted so I need to sort through all the impressions before I can move on and feel really good about it. And rest a lot. I miss being on the road, but now I'm home with Hamoud, my family and comics, and I have a lot of work to do! :)

That was my award winning speech, now please give me an award of some kind.