onsdag 19 december 2012

Slani štapići!

This is what I had for dinner and dessert yesterday! (Yes, I know that's boring to you, but I just don't care.) 

Like last time I brought home some ajvar and kajmak from Serbia to make a delicious sendvič. x) And some Jelen just for the hell of it. After that I had some really red christmas tea and chocolate with lešnik to cheer me up and cure my post travel-blues. This particular chocolate with the cute seagull makes me happy and I will make it last for sooo long. <3 

Right now I'm supposed to work on my new comic but I'm mostly just sitting here, trying to get used to being at home again, living normal everyday life and all of that. I feel restless, like there is something in my bones trying to run away from me. I have to find some sort of routine now so I don't go crazy. Anyway, that comic I mentioned will hopefully be scetched tomorrow, if I can get the script together tonight. :) It will be about the end of the world, and what comes after.

I was feeling reeeeeally tired before, but we went to a sort of Christmas Swap-thing to get some free clothes or christmas presents. I'm glad that I came along because now I'm two shirts and a fake leather jacket richer. I look pretty damn cool wearing that thing, if you can believe it. 

..eat some slani štapići!
If you feel like this..

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