onsdag 15 augusti 2012


Good morning, world! Well, I've been up since 9 as usual, but that's not the point. Here's some sweet statistics for ya. This is the views in total since I started the blog, and of course it's mostly swedish people who are reading it, but lately there has been a lot of russians, (Hello Russians!) aswell as other eastern europeans. Maybe because I talk about eastern Europe and Balkan all the freaking time, but it's nice anyway. Soooo, if you like my comics or me or whatever, and you think I should go to your country/town for some reason, send me and e-mail or something, because I'm looking for subjects to make comics about.

Now I'm going out because it's the last day my bus card is valid, so I feel that I should use it and not sit inside. See you later :)

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