fredag 13 juli 2012

Athens - part 1

I miss Greece, I really do. Not the temperature when it pass 38 degrees, or the broken sidewalks that makes my sandals slip all over the place, or the insane traffic.
I loved walking around Athens, but it was a bit of a challenge.

Something that I really Do miss, is talking to the athenians about what's going on. It's a big difference to actually be in a place, and to just read about it in the newspapers. Also, the articles about Greece are starting to slow down a bit. Maybe because the election is over and the goverment is "doing its best to stabilize the economy". According to the news Samaras say that they will privatize more, as much as they possibly can I guess, and that is supposed to help. But of course it won't, it will just make things worse by robbing a poor country of their last assets.

I saw a glimpse of that man at Syntagma square on election night, after the votes had been counted. It was a sad evening for the opposition, but a really good one for me. I remember this really agitated woman who was screaming like a possessed person in both english and greek to a news crew about how New Democracy will be the death of the greek people. The moment the camera was off, she was completely calm. I was a bit shook up.

It was a really good start. I saw people vote, shop, relax in the sun, celebrate, mourn, and scream at news crews - all in one day. I even had a siesta, and my first swim in the sea. It's soooo much more blue and salty than what I am used to, and yeah.. a lot warmer aswell. x)

Here are some crappy cellphone photos. Enjoy!

Election-...thing, in Kato Patissia where we lived.
At Acropolis. I DO know how to be a tourist aswell... honestly.

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