söndag 29 juli 2012


Oh, I've been working so hard with my new comic this week. It's those dreadful last days before a big deadline.. well, two deadlines actually. It also happens to be the warmest week all summer, and I'm spending most of it on the balcony, or in the bedroom - drawing. I only ever leave the apartment to go to the store 50 meters away to buy food. If I didn't do that I swear I'd never put on pants. I mean, shorts.
At least I'm getting a lot of stuff done. I will give you proof of this tomorrow, Internet. Together with some cool statistics. Talking about cool.. It gets a bit lonely here, inside, all alone.. but my new best friend, a noisy little fan, is keeping me company. And keeping me alive in this heat, I guess.

Talking about the weather.. Yesterday, on one of my adventures to the food store, I saw a newspaper headline that read "Hotter than in Italy!". HAH! Who cares? Just let us enjoy the sun for once, no need to compare us to a sort-of-warm country like Italy. Everybody already understands that we are jealous.

Trivia: Today I have drawn a lot of muscular legs.

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